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This is about two friends Sandra Parker and Cindy Barnett who get kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. Cindy is bought by Jonathan Champion. But he isn’t you typical buyer. He believes in love and he finds it in unexpected places. You see he falls for Cindy but does she… Read More
Oliver a 43 year old man, Nova's father is cruel and will do just about anything to gain favor or power in society. Even marry his daughter off to the richest man he can get. Which is the purpose of the birthday party. Being as old as she is now,… Read More
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Tags: mad, necrophilia

a poem about how insanity feels, what you go through. This is insanity Read More
The day I met my boss I thought he was a reasonable man. Human, understanding, a person you could talk to at any time. Fact is, he seemed totally different from the most bosses I've known before. Lately I came to feel the complete opposite. Why? I will tell you… Read More

Poem / Erotic Horror

October 01, 2009

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AHP - acute hallucinatory paranoia BPD - borderline personality disorder Read More

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