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Andrew's sexual healing treatment by dr. Anita Blessinger comes to an end. In the last phase of his healing process, he meets Jocelyn Penske at dr. Blessinger's practice. They decide to stay in contact even after Andrew's treatment has finished... Read More
An erotic game of chance ends in a lusty life and death scenario as two lovers are playing Russian roulette in this passionate sexy foreplay encounter. Read More
Sexual pleasures lead to tasting the forbidden fruit of the flesh as seduction and sensual temptation arouse the two lovers stimulating the love and blood juices to flow in a passionate erotic encounter. Read More
Advertising Executive Jessica Turner did not believe in true love, until the day her eyes could not dray itself away from sexy hunk Liam Thornton. The explosive attraction between them had her thinking this one was for keeps and she unwittingly surrendered her innocence to the delectable Liam Thornton, but… Read More

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