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Progression building on poem Monday. Read More
What a person misses by being self this series of sex, erotic, love poems,,,,Monday to Friday. Read More
Where do I go now in middle age? Do my vows said before God still hold me when a spouse has cheated and been abusive? Read More

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Progression building on poem Monday. Read More

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‘Have you ever heard of the term BDSM?’ Whoa wait is he serious. I look a his face to see he is deadly serious. I have heard the term used by Sky a few times when she raves about a romance novel but I myself never. ‘No not really’ he… Read More
Marissa Doreen thought her life was bad enough with a step-mother, But on her eighteenth birthday she finds out, it was more than that. Who was she? or what was she? will it take a total stranger to tell her that her world wasn't what it seemed? Read More

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January 25, 2012

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Extreme sexual content... If you are not a fan of sexual talk,sexual things,sexual poems,adult material..any thing in the sexual nature... I advise you not to read this poem Read More

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