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December 29, 2019

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Forever longing... Read More

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"This is beautiful. Its sweet, gentle and creates a feeling of longing.. " Read More

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We all have that one. That one person in our lives that leaves a mark on us so deep, it can never be erased. That one that makes us think "What if?" or "If only we..." The one that got away. What would you do if you got the chance… Read More

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fate is a very complex thing. you may meet someone today but they may not impact your life until tomorrow. Read More

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Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it enkindles the great. Roger de Rabutin Read More
I’ve already forgotten what it’s like to ever Have something more than just this pain. I’m ready to be forgotten And to know that I don’t have to remain In this, all of this, all of it, all that I can No longer know how to endure. I don’t grow… Read More
This is a short collection of poetic works. Here is a sample: I don’t mind that I’m forgotten lots of times, Spinning around without anyone to come to find A way to push me back to stop. Anything like that would be too much of a luxury, And I don’t… Read More

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One last tearful night together before parting forever...The end of the Illusion. Read More

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There are many that can take a break up in stride and move on, some hang on, and even still some are mostly fine until they see the other person again. He understood, she did what she thought was best, he wasn't over her but he let her go so… Read More

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