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Poem / Adult Romance

January 17, 2019

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Just thinking Read More

Tags: pain, sad, hurt, lonely

Short Story / General Erotica

February 25, 2017

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When frustration in missing someone just gets too much... Read More
rose is a 17 year old girl struggling to finish high school. her parents are absent from her life and all her friendships have gone downhill. she feels alone and well lost, but can one mysterious person help her find herself Read More

Tags: lonely

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Its about me desire of being nude and being admired. Read More
(CANCELLED) Heather Summers is the best FBI agent in Dallas. Even though she has a decent job, she is very lonely. She lets her job take over her life, and her love life. When an advanced drug dealer takes over the city, the FBI has to work with Dallas PD.… Read More
Being drawn in by the impossible is something we will all experience in one way, be it love or dreams, desires... but maybe one day, we will obtain the impossible. Read More
A man cannot forgive himself for what he did to the love of his life. Read More
taken from my book, "Blinded By Thought" Read More
Part 3 of Forbidden Fantasies by Amber Libra...a beautiful yet lonely young man stands alone begging for money from strangers....he attracts another lonely soul.... Read More
A follow up to "Flowers for Emma, just a name on a tombstone". When I found the tombstone I was anxious to know more about Emma - I sent for her death certificate and was shocked and saddened to read she had committed suicide by drowning herself in the river.… Read More
A poem about love, loneliness, and love for one who does not love you. Read More
She was only eighteen when she split from home and her separating parents. But Wynn was sassy and resourceful and something was driving her, although she didn't know much about that as yet. Wynn could sing beautifully and had received some voice coaching at school. She also had written songs… Read More
Tear drops of blood is a deathly poem about violent sex and death and sorrow, as-well as kind of a suicidal Gothic emo poem. Read More
A girl. Standing all alone on a bridge ready to end it all ... Based on my real-life experience and Avril Lavigne's 'I'm With You'. Read More
Lonely woman wishing for the strong touch of a man while drinking a Heineken Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 06, 2009

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A follow up to Emma the name on a tombstone and shock of what Death Certificate showed as cause of death Read More
Wow, bad name... My first post here, Just read it! I want to Thank Lacey Cummings for helping my tidy it up. Read More

Tags: erotica, love, lonely, wish

Book / Adult Romance

November 26, 2007

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ADULT: An 18-year-old leaves an institution holding wayward boys and orphan boys where he'd been confined since he was twelve. Dick hitches a ride with a truckie, having no plan of action or destination. The driver takes him to his remote ranch to land Dick into a family home to… Read More
This short story is set in mythical Wales which may or may not had existed. Hedydd is a maiden of fifteen, old enough to join all the other maidens in the selection of the chosen one. She will ensure that there will be good harvest in the following season. But… Read More
During the second age of war, when the mighty Ne'chehhet empire set out to make war upon the Cho'nieb people in the south in order to punish them for the wrongs which they committed against the Bonku'eb people, subjects of the empire, a timeless drama did then unfold. A little… Read More

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