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Helen and the Watersports Threesome. Read More
Helen gets more experience. Read More
Helen's First Threesome. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Sexy feet with protruding freshly varnished nails really turn me on and make my pussy overflow with sexual delight.Touching,kissing,licking and nibbling tootsies covered in cream cheese tantalises my engorged tongue.Sexy strapped sandals dress them up to turn me on seducing only urges sucking sensations which make my nipples errect. Read More
Sexy drama based on an old school reunion where one 40 something former pupil of a school decides to look up his old classmates for a weekend get together in the North Yorkshire seaside resort of Whitby. It's been over 20 years since any of them last saw one another… Read More
Two lovers engage in a sexual act during a visit to one of London's Mason's clubs and are caught in the act of their spontaneous passionate encounter. They are then punished for their lewd behaviour by taking part in a rather bizarre experiment where they are Imprisoned in a padded… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Lusty lesbian horror story set in London.Emma is about to leave her luxurious apartment one morning when she is seduced and kidnapped in an entrapment which places her in severe peril. This former escort and model's existence seemed mundane and without adventure working as a business investment advisor for a… Read More
In a future where sex has been eradicated, naive Danielle is about to embark in opening her own Pandora's Box. Newlywed Danielle Ainsworth has everything: riches, security, a respectable husband and a lavish lifestyle that she has become accustomed to. Her destiny is to be a Mother, bearing children through… Read More
This is a short story that revolves around a more mature woman's desire to explore her own sensuality and sexuality. A simple story of masturbation and self indulgence playing out to the unfulfilled desire of her first lesbian experience Read More
My interview with an older woman with a very different lifestyle. Read More
The desire of all female threesome, where each partner wants to feel the intensity of something sensual and sexual Read More
It’s the 1970s and James is away at college. There he falls in love with Paige Hayes. But as they start to learn things about themselves, a secret from years ago comes back to haunt them. Read More
This is the story of God from his own perspective. It is better than the bible and describes heaven in detail and where we all come from. It answers every question you might have with in a rational way. Things are messed up because god is only human. But he… Read More

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