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Nancy and Jane's gym teacher, Ms. Van Dyke told the two girls to be at her house on Saturday to decide to end their rivalry. Girl/girl catfight will decide which one is the better, with Ms. Van Dyke watching. Read More
Two high school rivals, vying for one spot on the cheer leading squad. Only one can have it. But there are other ways to see who is the better woman. Read More
Lady Tuna's sisters return to reclaim the throne of Tunakia. Read More

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A man is using this one line short story to describe the one thing both he and his wife are willing to share. Read More
This one line short story is about what one man has seen in his neighbor's basement after walking into the house. Read More

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Sometimes I wonder what a girl would be like to love Read More

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The title of this one line piece happens to be what one woman is asking a guy who is watching her do something with another woman. Read More

Poem / General Erotica

October 16, 2019

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

In search of the glass slipper... Read More

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"Rhyme scheme is amazing, meter is hypnotizing...not one, but two twists. Love it so much!" Read More

This one line piece shows what one woman has been doing with another behind her man's back. Read More
In this one line piece, we get a look inside what happens to be a dream of someone having a threesome. Read More
These two women didn't like each other, so there was only one way to settle their differences. The only way women can...catfight. Read More

Tags: lesbian, catfight

A man's current lover spots what he has been doing with an old flame at a party. Read More
One woman discovers what her man and another woman are doing in the living room in this short story. Read More
Queen Teresa rules a small kingdom, there is no government her word is law. Teresa uses this power to have sex with any woman or women she likes when she wants it. The sex usually involves Teresa humiliating women for her sadistic pleasure. Teresa when finding a woman, she likes… Read More
This one line short story is about what a woman saw when she looked over her shoulder while doing something else. Read More
Brianna finds a hot lady at the beach. Read More

Tags: lesbian, beach, lgbt

A young woman goes to see how her mother is doing after divorcing her father and gets quite a surprise in the process. Read More
What happens after two women allowed themselves to take their tops off is being explained in this haiku poem. Read More
This one line short story describes what happens after one woman places herself inbetween a man's legs. Read More
A woman is using this con-verse poem to explain why her two roommates woke her out of an afternoon nap. Read More
This poem is a new and raunchy version of a classic nursery rhyme entitled 'Jack And Jill'. Read More
A man comes home from his jog and sees what two women are doing with each other in the kitchen. Read More
In this one line short story, a man does one thing while watching two women do something else in front of him. Read More
In this one line short story, a man steps outside and sees one woman do one thing while watching two women do something else in a swimming pool. Read More
A man suddenly gets aroused by what he has seen two women doing with each other in this one line short story. Read More

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The Room 501 House

This haiku poem shows us what two women are able to do to each other on the living room sofa. Read More

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