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I love licking your powder and everything that Glitters... Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

To the one who's asking for it... (and she's gonna get it) Read More

Tags: lesbian, climax, oral, nude

Always the quiet ones: Bumping into an old work colleague at a conference some 200 miles from anyone you know, can make dirty thoughts come true. Comments and suggestions welcomed. Be kind though as this is my first post. Read More
From a second story apartment... Read More

Featured Review by samnash

"You fuse poetry in prose… that was definitely a head turner. I bow to the goddess of the erotic word" Read More

Through a clerical error, Katherine Guffey ends up in Asgard when she dies. Now she must prove she belongs or be sent to Helheim the Norse version of Hell only worse. Read More

Tags: lesbian, norse, asgard

"I think I've just seen two lesbians kissing, darling," I say to the missus... Read More
How my new straight college bestie became bi and got buggered in the same evening with my boytoy and me. Read More
Some rides take a toll... Read More

Featured Review by zebo85

"Phew, to be a witness to this elevator ride would be something that a lucky man would never forget. Megs - you are the princess of prose!" Read More

Story night gets hot and heated as three friends enjoy their weekend get-away to the mountains. Take your time and enjoy my story inside of a story. If you’ve followed any of my short stories, you’ll know that it’s always a twist with every turn. Read More

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Amanda remembers her first time with a woman Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A chance encounter leads to a sex in a store's changing room. Read More
Two friends reunite and find themselves exploring the world of domination and submission. This is part one and it only gets interesting from here. Each story will give you more twist and turns than you can handle. Brace yourself, you might find yourself exploring new adventures. Read More
Recently i had these weird experiences. Four months ago i even started online therapy to get some help sorting out my shit. It is a video chatting/tele-therapy. I see my therapist through Skype. We talk as much as I need. It works really well. My therapist suggested that i should… Read More
A story about a former student of P E. teacher Ms. Van Dyke and their meeting up after several years. Read More
"I'm a lesbian," she states flatly. "I have two girlfriends..." Read More
A poem about a stepdaughters secret feelings towards her stepmother. Read More

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