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A night of boredom and curiosity can lead to naughty secrets, but can something this scandalous truly remain a secret? Devilish persuasion is the key, and one hell of a butler holds it... Read More

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Little Naomi is kidnapped and taken to a strange place. Read and find out how she survives! Read More
Minato meet Keita a couple of months ago, he is on 12th grade, almoste going to college, and he has a brother, Kishinuma, a year younger. They both completly fall for the dark haired boy who is rubish at english (well, they are japanese) and has a realy kawaii face.… Read More
its a lemon. dont like, dont read. i dont own homestuck. Hussie does Read More

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This is my first gay story, but I'm gonna try to make it good. This is a Shadilver story. This is NOT an Mpreg. Shadow is the seme and Silver is the uke. This is how Shadow and Silver start dating, but there are some problems when Silver finds out… Read More
so you all know when i am bored or really bored i tend to type a lot in one day and have it published and i thought about lot's of things to write..... comment and no hating ok? it is hard trying to think fast when all you want to… Read More

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Sesshomaru, The great lord of the west, shows his young companion the pleasures of pleasing her master. Read More
the smutty side story to In the Strangest Places just some good old PWP between Kaden and Adrian. “Can I help you?” Adrian asked amused as he used a pair of tongs to flip the crispy chicken. “No, I can help myself,” Kaden said with a smile while running his… Read More
Ichigo loves Byakuya. But the noble wont admit his feelings until Ichigo decides he’s had enough and can no longer take it. Will Byakuya be able to swallow his pride before it’s too late? Yoai Lemon! Read More

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