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March 15, 2018

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Jainie is an advice columnist, she has been doing her job for some time. She helps so many people and ends up being kidnapped because of that help. Things aren't always as they seem as you read more and more into this chilling thriller. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Being in the Army was tough enough, especially being around a lot of guys and the fact that I am currently deployed. I didn't want a guy in my life I wanted to focus on me. But when an injured solider comes into my life and we both feel the… Read More
Well it's almost time Eileen moved onto pastures new.I want to thank all of those wonderful writers and readers who have supported me throughout my short stint on Booksiesilk.Without your great encouragement and kind words I would never have written so many titles.Moonglow,Ilmokolo,FranciscoFraser,LauraLewis,Spider666,Megalips,Blushinglips,SamNash,RichardSoso,ProfessorWoland,JimmyValentine,you are truly awesome writers and more importantly… Read More
Born and raised in San Diego Nina is ready to venture out for college. So when she gets accepted to her dream school in New York she says yes. But that means goodbye to the boy she has been in love with since 8th grade. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Keri and Mat was the perfect couple in middle school. Everyone thought they were so cute together and thought they were going to be together forever. Mat and Keri thought so too. That is until Mat's mom job was relocated back to their hometown to England away from California. They… Read More
Megan has deep feelings for Tyler Tyler has deep feelings for Megan But theres two giant problems They are best friends and Tyler has a girlfriend thats extremly nice to Megan But soon things change for better or worse Things will happen, will they tell each other or will it… Read More
this is the remake of love meets again im the same person who made it so ill tell u about it again. anne and andy been together for 6 years and where each others first everything and when she was 14 and andy was 15 his mother became very sick… Read More
Anne and andy have been together since she was 10 and he was 11 they were each others first love. When she was 15 and andy was 16 his mother became very sick and he had to move far away to take care of her. Now shes 17 with one… Read More
Kaliey is 17 and shes in love with her best friend andrew hes 18 now their moms wore best frinds when they were younger and then drew mom had him first then my mom had me anyways we have been bfs since and i fell for him at 7 what… Read More

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