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Frank Poireau has a lot of work because of Brexit. For this reason, he doesn't go for a haircut in time. His boss Thérèse de Clippeleire isn't satisfied with how Frank looks and sends him to a hairdresser near their offices. There, Frank meets Claudine Proume... Read More
Frank Poireau has quite a reputation with girls and women in Brussels because of his special 'anatomy'. So, he is regularly contacted by a curious girl who wants to find out if his reputation isn't fake. That is also the case with Gretchen Winkler who works in the same business… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Written for girls who like girls and guys that wish they could watch them Read More

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The Outer_Limits House

A bisexual woman and her newest sex toy have some fun at the mall. Read More

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The Quick & Dirty House

Caught in her office after having sex Read More
This is an American made Lesbian love story and a decent Guy Flick. Like most American made movies dealing with any sensitive or controversial social matter, the story is sacrificed for the social or political cause. On a more basic level, it is a modern classic American marriage disaster movie… Read More
She cried as I tried to kiss away the pain. Her pain would only be quenched by REVENGE. The passion of the two of them would be that REVENGE and would consume them. Read More
They met, both of them naked, in a secluded, tropical billabong in Far North Queensland; he knew a thing or two about how to nibble a clitoris that her husband could never possibly achieve... Read More

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