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Book / Humor

September 03, 2017

"You've been very naughty" The girl said as she kneel down to take away the knife she had lodge in my arm. "Go f*** yourself" I spat at her. "Hey watch it, I don't think you want anymore blood coming out of you at this point." Some people believe in… Read More
A greedy King who is determined to rule over all, including the lands belonging to the Vampires. A Vampire Queen determined to protect her lands and her people. A Dhampir, who is just learning what she is and unsure of her capabilities. Her family killed by the King's soldiers, she… Read More
Its a story about a young girl falling in love with the wrong guy..the opposite of everything shes ever known..but it pays a major price. Will she stay with the family she's only ever known or run away with her dream guy..but will he follow her or fulfill his duties… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Hannah has always been a good girl, but at seventeen, she gets raped, and introduced into a world she never knew existed. A world where monsters, werewolves, specters, demons, and vampires like the one that raped her exist. The good girl she once was no longer exists, and she has… Read More
There are two powerful organizations that maintain the power of the world. They control who has the power, who becomes a global superpower, and who remains a broken country. But inside these two powerful Organizations are monsters, the monsters of legend. Adam has been his own being for centuries but… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

(CANCELLED) After resigning from the Navy SEALS, Derrick Desmond wants to have a normal life with his seventeen year old sister, Cathy. When he went to the bar with a friend, Cathy is ambushed by men and Derrick gets worried. When he arrives home, there is a note, but no… Read More
A supernatural woman's fight against an oppressive government leads her to the fight between her secret race and the race of hunters known as the Mort aux Mort's. Especially her fight with the leader Taven. With erotic needs for pain escalating and her desire to kill building can she keep… Read More
Alaska remembers what happens the last time Birch came to stay,she's wondering what he will bring this time. Read More

Book / Adult Romance

November 15, 2012

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

At age ten, Clarice Stuart is rescued from a potentially traumatizing experience by a mysterious stranger who seems to appear out of nowhere and then disappear just as suddenly. Twenty years later, on a cold November night on an icy mountain highway as Clarice is on her way to her… Read More
this poem is about how i was taken advantage of when i was 9 years old Read More

Book / Erotic Horror

December 21, 2011

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

After barely escaping Pandora Highschool, Sammi and her gang try to escape through the ocean, but all will not turn out well when someone very close to Sammi betrays her. The second installment in the SURVIVAL series. Read More

Book / Other

December 03, 2010

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Cassandra is a young tennage girl who has had enough with her family. Her father beats her and her mother wishes she was more like her dead sister Samantha. Who got murdered. When she runs away will she find true love? Or the person who killed her sister? Read along(: Read More
18 year old Andy is a college student who slowly starts to feel depressed despite his exciting lifestyle. He finds solace in the mysterious Dylan and the two boys quickly fall in love. But Dylan is not quite how he first appears and Andy soon learns how far he will… Read More
Tear drops of blood is a deathly poem about violent sex and death and sorrow, as-well as kind of a suicidal Gothic emo poem. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A war story following the fortunes of Major Bernard Ballbuster and his platoon as they get down to some serious killing in the searing deserts of Afghanistan. A blistering tale of war, romance, killing, guns, guts, knives, killing, rope traps, stabbings, grenades, killing, death, killing, and killing. Read More

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