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I have finally been able to sit down and get started on finishing a little bit of the sequel to Yes Master. If you have not read Yes Master I suggest that you do so because you will have no idea what is going on in this story haha. I… Read More

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A lawyer never expects a routine trip to a whorehouse will change his perspective, let alone his life. And the unwilling prostitute learns there are good men in the world. Read More

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April 08, 2019

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A 29-year-old woman is being kidnapped by a man after saving the life of a young boy with her superhuman powers. She's being kept against her will in a secret location while being at the mercy of this older man that has in mind to keep her... Read More
the ministry of darkness and its leader the undertaker are taking actions against the attackers of gangrel after this last one ends up being brutalized by a bunch of guys in a bar. the undertaker goes even as far as kidnapping the young sister of one of the attackers as… Read More
Molly is planning a cozy weekend in when a stranger pulls her into his car with his own naughty intentions. Read More

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Kate had a terrible past, with a terrible ex-husband. She thought she had gotten rid of him for good until he comes back while she is dating someone else. She thought life was great, she had the past behind her. But her ex-husband wants her and will do anything to… Read More

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I have decided to redo this book. It is the most popular book I have written so far. but I did want to change things up a bit, ad some more etc etc. Please read and let me know what you think. If you have already read it, there is… Read More

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What happens when Robert escapes from prison and the only person he wants to get is Carrie, and kill or kidnap anyone to get her...including going after Kyle and their new baby girl. Read More
The Kidz Club is a story about children growing up on the Medway in Kent during the war years in the early 1940's. It takes the reader on a nostalgic trip back to the innocent but dangerous times when the common enemy were the Luftwaffe who were bombing England's main… Read More
MR X is a cold war spy thriller set in the late 1950's. The story is based on the trials and tribulations of two British secret service agents from London. They are employed by the government and are assigned to recover and rescue an important British agent who has been… Read More
(Please know that this is my first story. The first chapter is an introduction to the characters. Chapter two I will really start into the story. Please leave feedback and comments. Sorry for any miss spellings or grammar errors. I was in a hurry. PLEASE ENJOY!) The story of Izzy...… Read More
Welcome to Hellland; the real Wonderland. Where no one is innocent, and if they still believe they are then they are delirious. We're all corrupted in some twisted way, question is how- Read More
The writer's imagination takes a short trip into the criminal aspect of submission and dominance. Read More

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In the small kingdom of Calvar, lives a woman like no other. Her name is Aurora. She's a princess but unlike her sister or royal kin of the past she doesn't wish to live the life of luxury. All she ever wanted was to be a warrior , She did… Read More
As the immortal king of the Underworld, Hades is accustomed to a life of longing and loneliness. A man of his power and majesty should have no interest in silly, innocent things - and yet the woman who haunts his mind's darkest desires is Persephone, the Earth-bound daughter of the… Read More
Jasper was a player. He had everything that money could buy, the girls, the cars, the house. But only the true love of shy and naive Ellie can save him from a situation which is violent to her, and forces Jasper to play by the rules Read More
This is the next chuck of the story that I just finished writing, still not finished yet but coming close and remember this is the first draft. Once I hit the end I will be going back to fix the problems but please enjoy. Read More
Anna was always such a good little girl, but when a strange man kidnaps her and keeps her as his sex slave, can she accept the slut in her heart … and in her pussy? Tags: love sex kissing romance porn orgasm masturbation heterosexual ejaculation female-ejaculation squirting bondage submission creampie… Read More
How dose love work? Do nightmare's really come true? am i in one?! or..maybe im not..? I have never let anyone in and dont want to! but this person...Seems like he WONTS to know me...i feel loved and save around him like he dose care? Yes me might of took… Read More

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There's something intriguing about Alec and Tessa can't seem to keep her distance. The only problem is that he kidnapped her. Read More

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Claire Porter is a beautiful, yet outcast young woman at the end of her high school career. When home life becomes rocky, she buries herself in photography projects; seeking solitude to escape the pain... Unfortunately, solitude is not what she will find in the dark room. Read More

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Ayesha is just your average teenager, not doing great in school but she loves to hang out with her friends and have a good time. She's never had a serious boyfriend because most of the guys in her year are immature and she isn't interested in them. Her average life… Read More

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Jynx is a orphan, till her long lost brother shows up in her life. Now she goes from rags to riches in a matter of seconds, but is the secrets, the arranged marrage, and constant attention worth it? A romantic story of love, danger, secrets, and more importantly... Lust. Read More

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I was just going to the movies with my friends Kyle,when some gangster guys stopped us,attacked my friend and one of them took me with him...and didn't let me go. Read More
A young girl is ripped away from her life, all she has is a pen and a notebook documenting her whole kidnapping wondering is she'll ever be found. Read More

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She thought after high school she wouldn’t have to bother with the Sines cousins anymore. Tony who used her to get to her best friend and David who wanted her so bad and she didn’t want him, there was no feelings there. She gave something special to Tony, hoping they… Read More
When Bree Lander is kidnapped by a mysterious but hauntingly handsome man, she is terrified for her life. But as the tale goes on, things change and Bree feels herself falling. Falling for whom or what, she isn't sure, but she's falling hard. Read More
When Bree Lander is kidnapped by a mysterious but hauntingly handsome man, she is terrified for her life. But as the tale goes on, things change and Bree feels herself falling. Falling for whom or what, she isn't sure, but she's falling hard. Read More
One Picture can change a night. Scenes may become more graphic as the story continues. First time writing with sex, I hope it turns out okay. Read More
Vivian Simone hates the fighting. But when she is kidnapped by the head Soc's son she learns that she is the key to end all of it. But it comes at a price... Read More

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