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A lawyer never expects a routine trip to a whorehouse will change his perspective, let alone his life. And the unwilling prostitute learns there are good men in the world. Read More
They both wanted Justice, but they found each other along the way. Strictly for adults only. Read More

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(CANCELLED) Sun Li's life made a turn to the worst on the night of her first Orchestra concert. Her older sister, Min Li, was raped and murdered. No traces, nobody knows who killed her. Min had her whole life in order. She was the best attorney in Seattle. She had… Read More
Take a step outside this world and into theirs, a world filled with fear, hate, blood, and vengeance. Join Ayome and Hiko as they fight what has always been to bring justice to a land lost in blood so long ago. Read More
Elliott Thomas Whiffleplume is a restless security guard working at the corporate headquarters of Cobblehaus Train & Drain Company. Due to an accident, Elliott had to give up his job as a police officer. He had settled for a job as a security guard and always felt he was missing… Read More

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