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This is the chapter I've been dying to publish since I left my other page and finally get the chance to! Read More

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February 02, 2013

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

16 year old Diana Rodgers was a regualar high school goth. She always seemed to look down on herself but could hold up on her own. 17 year old Joshua Adams was the most respected goth in high school but didn't like to hang out with big crowds. Diana is… Read More
This is part 2 to Our Secert Night you must read part1 to get part2 READ Read More
Cassie17 & Josh19 are two good friends that never really told each other how they felt for the other, but on one rainy day that all changes, READ AND FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS BETWEEN THE TWO GOOD FRIENDS...... RATED-R Read More
this poem i wrote to try and reflect the furustration of other peoples expectations of you. Read More

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Jane, Michael, and Josh experience 30 sexual days. Read More

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