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(This is a new series, not part of the Claire series.) In the near future, the world is separated by traits. The strong and beautiful ones, "pretties" are allowed inside the city while the weaker, "ugly" ones are left outside the city to face any dangers that may come. However,… Read More
Annabelle Lee is a nineteen year old with special "talents". She works as a stripper at a LA strip club for no certain reason. She has no baby at home to take care of. She is not going to college. She is doing this cause she LOVES it. After seeing… Read More
Jason is back! But this time with a pale at hand his twin brother randy. Together they kill the youngsters of camp Chifley Summer of 2011. Read More
Kayleigh is the town slut simple as that she gives out to practically anyone that asks that is. Until Jason (Chase) comes to town and everything changes. Read More


February 19, 2010

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Violet and Mackenzie has fallen in love at a young age. But when Mackenzie fears that Violet won't accept him as a werewolf he pull himself out of Violet life. Leaving her broken hearted. Three years has pasted since she last saw Mackenzie and now she has moved on and… Read More
The story of Cindy. Freddy V.S Jason,Bring it on,Micheal Jackson,icarly, and Power Rangers are parodies Read More

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