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Walking into Motown after a three week absence, the bar staff pouring my drink without my asking, expat regulars welcoming me with open arms and familiar little huddles of flirty Nipponese smiling. There would always be newcomers too, some were occasional drinkers resident in Tokyo but many were visiting businessmen.… Read More
Misaki takes revenge on her students. She deals out pain and forces the cute Japanese students to pleasure her. She makes sure that her American teaching partner receives enough attention too. Read More
The Japanese girls now turn their attentions to the trussed American teacher. They are determined to get her to ask for permission to pleasure them. They have to use force before they get cooperation. Read More
Lesbian Japanese School Girls Force Gym Teacher To Submit To Their Kinky Desires. Rowena and her cute Japanese assistant are overpowered by their sexy students and made to perform humiliatingly sexy things on their captives Read More
This is just a thought for a fantasy I was watching hentai and decided to make a small story based on a fantasy. Read More
okay, so this started off as a short story based on a dream I had one night, but slowly developed into something else.. so i decided to repost it as a novel and continue from where i left off.. it isn't a story i can summarize i don't think.. and… Read More

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