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Finally, he gets off of her, she moves so she can undress Read More

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Things continue to get steamy between Natalie and Jesse St. James when she listens to him perform. Read More

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Ally is a normal, beautiful teenager. Her life was not great but not bad.. But after one night, her life was shattered into a million pieces.. All because of one man. Read More
Lyra was getting completely and utterly pissed by a ... constallation? Well, this wasn't just any random bunch of stars, no, this was Canis Majoris, main star: Sirius. The 'Dog Star'. Thank Merlin she had Mary or else she would have gone nutters ages ago! And what about her 'furry… Read More
Renesmee Cullen is more then everyone thought. Not just is she a half vampire, but she is also a witch! When Renesmee was two years old the Cullens decided to move to north England. When Renesmee was two and a half years old she was angry at her uncle Emmet… Read More
Rated for Adults only. Offensive language and violence. Read More
Rose Weasley spends half the summer at the Potter-mansion together with her arch enemy, Scorpius Malfoy. As the two of them become closer, Rose grows suspicious around his relationship to his father Draco. Meanwhile Albus Potter tries his newest move on Rose's best friend, Serena Lightwood,while her twin brother Darius… Read More
ON A BREAK BECAUSE OF MY OTHER STORIES AND MY CRAZY COUSINS!!! Hurray for the Marauder era! Plus a couple of Lily's friends and enemys ... this is about the Marauders and Lily's 7th year at Hogwarts from Morgana Darrens pont of wiev. And believe me when I say that… Read More
Lily/James Marauder Era FanFiction - Written in style with 'Princess Diaries': Lily has absolutely NO idea why Dumbledore suddenly chose her to become Head Girl. Well, she was a prefect and all, but still: WTF WAS HE THINKING? And on top of that, her sworn enemy, James Potter, is Head… Read More

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