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"Promotional material like this gets " my approval every time hot babe....wink!" Read More

i turned a phone sex conversation i had into a poem. Read More

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A short prequel to my main series! You can get the whole thing for free here: Read More
A short excerpt from a larger work. Read More

Book / Adult Romance

February 19, 2016

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"Stop it Kat.. man, stop it, please. I don't love you anymore!" In those words spoken to her by Giovanni (Gio), Ekaterina feels a cold needle pierce her heart, filling herself with a numbing pain. The seasons have gone from Summer to Winter throughout the time they spent together, and… Read More
The building orgasm is now strong enough to drench his cock, which he likes...L O V E S. Read More
Very vivid daydreaming takes place when a lesbian desires her straight co-worker! Read More
Kasey get's in to an accident on her way to work at the hospital, but who takes care of her but the cute Resident she had worked with last year. Read More
Screw her in her bedroom before her mum got home and without her brother in the next room hearing? Challenge accepted! Read More
He was always buying me little things. That was how i knew we were serious, that it was more than just The Sex. Read More
This is just a short story I wrote a while back before I met my boyfriend while I was tired, and thought I would post this just to see what kind of comments I would get. Tell me your thoughts on this (Good and Bad). Please and thank you! :)… Read More

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