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This is dedicated to a very special friend who means so much to me. We have such a strong mental connection there's not a topic we can't share, whether based in reality or our ability to transcend that and take our minds outside of the normal boundaries. Both suffering forms… Read More
It's a screenplay for a short film I had attempted to make a year ago. While we were never able to get enough resources to actually make the film, at least you can check out its screenplay. A man wakes up in a mysterious classroom. He has no idea how… Read More
The following takes place over a span of eight hours. It is approximately 1000 words long. Read More
Anything can happen during a night shift in a hospital Unusual story for you Read More
"I just hope someday someone hears these words." Doug Morton is an artist who has hit a bad point in his life. He gave up his job. His wife is dying. His only solace is the sound of his own voice in his head. It is then Doug begins to… Read More
The Music and Me is a carnal tale told through the eyes of a suave, yet crass man named Joshua. He keeps his affluent, yet irritating sexy girlfriend close and an affair with a mysterious chocolate covered nymphomaniac even closer. Things go up and down and in and out with… Read More
Jenny Michaels (You) grew up in a small town West Newbury, Massachusetts. You are the daughter of Marlena and Shawn Michaels. In truth, you were the product of a one-night-affair between Marlena and Shawn while she was married to Vince McMahon .Your older sister Sami, kidnapped you and tried to… Read More
hey this is my first story so rate and let me know what you think if its good i'll write another Read More
I'm Candie and I'm eighteen years old, and this is just an example from a series of situations that happen to me on a day to day basis. This one occurs when I try to lose my virginity to my hairdresser's thirty-two year old brother, after messing around with him… Read More

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