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The book 'The Red Square' consist of a novelette plus thirteen short stories and the title above is the novelette title. The novelette's plot relates the story of an American secret agent in Moscow. He is sent to get in touch with certain locals and organize a net, that's his… Read More
"On both sides of the abyss" relates the trials of Amina Rifa'ee, a young Syrian woman that refused to marry her father business associate and was sent to study in London School of Economics. Her loneliness drives her to the arms of Murad the Libyan that introduces after a relationship… Read More
During a clandestine meeting in the old city of Jerusalem, not far from the holy shrines to Islam, Christianity and Judaism; Samir Mashrawee is persuaded in a sophisticated brainwash procedure to murder his ex rector in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and thus gain the right to become a member… Read More
We've all been there; the darkest most inhabitable corners of our mind, lost in a labyrinth of anguish and hatred. The only difference with me is this seems to be a regular occurrence. Daily, at best. Hey, I'm not complaining, I've become quite accustom/infatuated with the way I am. Who… Read More
An overview of the E-Book Carry Yourself Like a Lady Fuck Like a Porn Star. We go in depth of being a lady in the streets and a freak in the bed. Read More

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