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Martin's descent continues with some not so gentle prodding. He gets bullies at school. Read More
The author's conrol over eighteen year old Martin becomes more complex. the boy seems to be a natural submissive. Read More
Jenny's training has been improving, so it is time to introduce some new refinements and elements into her routine. Read More
A hot wife reminds her husband that sharing is caring... Read More
Poor young Teddy faces a big test to prove if he is a man or not, but the test is rigged so he cannot perform. Even worse, it is witnessed by some boys from his school. Read More
Carlos tries to extricate himself from his abuse, but it dragged even deeper into degenerate behavior. He is dressed in drag to entertain drunken men. Read More
Still naked following his recent spanking in front of his sister and her friends for the bogus charge of flipping up Laura's skirt, David along with his closest friends come up with a way to turn the tables on Samantha and soon she will experience the same humiliation and David… Read More
Twenty-five year old David Chambers's older sister gets him into trouble earning him a humiliating spanking in front of his sister and her friends Read More
Young jenny, schooled all her life by nuns, finds herself under the control of a perverted lawyer and his friends. She must follow their sick, perverted rules in order to gain her inheritance. Read More
A high school girl, through serendipitous means, blackmails her teacher and takes complete control of her life. The student has a strong propensity for doling out humiliation, an activity at which she is quite adept. The teacher is a most unfortunate victim of her student's voracious appetite for enforced humiliation.… Read More
Teddy's humiliation continues, as the game is brought into his home. He is also forced to entertain at a party, much to his totally embarrassment. Read More
Poor young Teddy finds himself having to reveal his small member in front of a group of perverted men. Read More
A young engaged couple visit a doctor for a pre-marriage physical exam. However the doctor is out, and a sadist has taken his place. He totally humiliates the couple. Read More
The author encounters a young student on a train in Japan and decides to have some fun with him. Read More
Colin is turned into a pathetic slave, and is forced to expose himself more and more. Read More
Colin's decline continues. He is degraded to a house slave. Read More
A series of letters between author dale10 posing as a therapist, and a patient young Colin, whose sexual identity is being challenged by a group of alpha males. slowly Colin is broken with much humiliation and degradation. Read More
A new master negotiates with his victim, but the poor lawyer under his control doesn't have many options. His life as he knew it is ruined. Read More

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The Stripping and Humiliation House

Well we’ve all had to take our clothes off for a medical exam. But not one quite like this! Read More
A sequel to 'I Wouldn't Do That for Just Anyone'. And indeed why would she? Read More
A correspondent suggested that I should write a story based on: Obviously I can't copy someone else's story but the idea intrigued me so I hope that what follows is different enough to count as 'inspired by' rather than 'copy of.' Of course, if either Amary or Blondie disagree… Read More

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The Naked and Funny House

A boy named Timmy has these wild fantasies of wanting to write stories of people in embarrassing and humiliating situations. But soon, eventually he’ll be in those situations as well, just as the ones he writes in his stories. But will he submit to his feelings and like it? Read More
harry gets his friends caught peeping and must pay a humiliating price Read More
A sequel to Master of Your Mind. Our intrepid author strives to unmask another hypnosis scam with unexpected naked consequences. Read More

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The Stripping and Humiliation House

Kevin is desperate to graduate High School, leave his step-mothers house and go to college. His desperation makes him the perfect target for countless humiliations. Read More

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Short Story / Humor

April 04, 2021

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The Small Penis Humiliation House

My story "Misclick" reposted as a short story Read More

Tags: humiliation, enm, sph

Mindy wants a naked slave for her party Read More
Sometimes it's fun to pick on the weakling. Sometimes. Read More

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