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Campus cops Krause and Brett feel the need to clean out poor Andy's insides to prevent infection. Of course it is filmed. Read More
Poor Mrs. Logan gets to meet some of her son's schoolmates, in the locker room! Her shame is increased. Read More

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The Stripping and Humiliation House

The rehearsals for a school play get interesting. Patrick struggles to understand an utterly impossible situation and then his 'friends' help make his dreams come true. The repetition is, of course, deliberate. I may at some point delete the last few paragraphs and add more chapters, but I can't see… Read More
Things have gotten mostly back to normal for 19 year old Thomas after helping Jaime get his revenge, but has lingering desires that, unknown to him, are going to be fulfilled very soon... Read More
Lucas is dragged into further humiliation by his own father and the new friend Mr. Ali. They decide to inspect him to see if he is a man or a faggot. Read More
A woman discovers there is a market for humiliation sex. Read More

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A thirteen-year-old boy receives a humiliating classroom spanking from his female teacher. He endures several humiliating incidences leading up to his spanking. Read More
Poor Lucas has a drunken father who is suddenly into perverted video calls, and forces his on to become part of them. Read More

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May 21, 2023

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The Stripping and Humiliation House

A group of sorority girls gets back at their fraternity brothers Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

The purpose of pain... Read More
Cute idiot professor trapped in his classroom in just his underwear, and a mob of mean girls on the attack. Read More
The two sadistic campus cops continue their abuse of innocent young Andy who was raped. Read More
The two campus cops continue their abuse of rape victim Andy, inspecting him most intimately. Read More

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May 04, 2023

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The Stripping and Humiliation House

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The Stripping and Humiliation House

Dean is one of the most superstitious boys you would ever meet - and as such, he will never disobey an order. What could happen if a bully found out his secret? Read More
Stories of men spanked by strong willed women who take enormous pleasure in spanking and humiliating them. Read More
College Freshman Andy who reported a rape to the campus cops, suffers more from them than he did from his attacker. Read More
Poor Preston falls for the worst set-up yet, doing a dangerous errand in a bad neighborhood dressed in his preppie finest. This time the evil girls have dreamed up a masterpiece of humiliation for the unsuspecting young gentleman. And this is only Part 1 ... Read More
Danny's mom suffers further abuse at the hands of his buddy Ryan. Ryan inflicts pain and humiliation to convince the poor woman that she has no free choice and belongs to him. Read More

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The The Humiliation Board House

Ryan's torment of Danny's mom continues. His games get sicker and sicker and the humiliation is unbearable for the poor woman. Read More
Ryan decides it is time to take some nice modeling photos of Danny's mom. Read More
Professor Ethan Rivers has just started his first semester teaching at Blue River University, and in his Human Anatomy I class, he might soon find himself showing off his own male anatomy in ways he would never have thought of before... Read More
A young family gets unwillingly enslaved, and now they have a new purpose in life. Read More
A middle aged woman's continual humiliation and abuse at the hands of her son's best friend. Read More
A single mom is humiliated beyond belief by a friend of her son's. Read More
Chessington hall is owned by three sister who employ only male servants and they are strict disciplinarians and will strip, bound, shame and spank any male servants who step out of line or fail to do a proper job and they take great pleasure in doing so Read More
You all know the terrible things fraternity pledges have to go through during initiation. Freshmen, Jeff and Tom are no exception. Read More
A continuation of "Liam is Exhibited." Read More
After being stripped naked and humiliated at a party, college freshman Jeremy tries to prepare for the aftermath. Read More

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