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A twist on Lady and the Tramp, but BL. This story revolves around, Liam Spaniel, a sweet innocent college boy and the tall, dangerous and wildly intelligent Travis "The Tramp" Greysin. Read More

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In the light there is always darkness, but when in the darkness we bring light. Read More

Tags: desire, lust, human, heat, fire

The destruction of the planet Earth was the legacy by Térqueos humnos and for the generation of the future The sun is fading. Transformed into a giant red star, swallow the planets Mercury and Venus. But while solar chromosphere moves toward the earth, a terrible war is fought between Térqueos… Read More
Txyi-nno is a qwarlikian pilot in search of a race which genetically purify their kind. By any of fate, he discovers on Earth everything that his people needed. But all his plans fall apart as the invasion, to know the impulsiveness of a human female. Read More

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July 14, 2014

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Rosen has everything a man could desire. But something is missing. Read More
Sometimes in life you don't always get to make the choices for yourself. Sometimes they are made for you and they are not in your best interest. Amber's life was changed forever when she is taken from the comfort of her surroundings and enslaved in a much darker one. Her… Read More
Werewolf popular guy finds his mate, and she is a complete nerd and human! see what happens Read More

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Eve moves to Berlin, Germany to make her life interesting. On her first night, she goes clubbing to a club like no other. She then meets the club owner, Christoph. There is something about him that she wants more of him. Christoph needs Eve, but in a dark and mysterious… Read More

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Sylvia is a human working in a werewolf brothel, in a town that has gone unnoticed for centuries. One night, she is kidnapped by an obsessive werewolf who has stalked her for months. Thinking that the man she loves is gone forever, she thinks of giving in and marrying him… Read More

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a story i came up with a while ago. It's about a demon named Rocis who raped a human boy Read More

Tags: human, gay, demon, raped

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This story begins with Baha Sinclair and her safe ordinary world that is about to change, her world is about to turn exciting and dangerous, a world where there is no Taboo. Baha's past love surprises her when years later he walks through her club's Doors bringing a whole new… Read More

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I was saved by a cruel place by two Alpha werewolf brothers who took me to their house and made me their personal sex pet.No matter what I did to escape,I coudn't run away from them.They told me that I'd always be theirs.Everything in me now belonged to them.Literally. Read More
Ashley is a college student, female and 100% human. But she's not just any human. She is a human blood donor. As in, only her blood can satisfy any vampire's thirst and they won't need to drink from other vampires. She acts as an emergency nurse for her clan, The… Read More
At the beginning, Stela was just a human girl addicted to the night life with a working father and a dead mother. Trying to fit in, she finds herself in a situation unknown to others. Suddenly she dies the same night an alien meteorite lands on earth. Was it coincidence?… Read More
Stela is an Alien Succubus who has been waiting for her human boyfriend, David, to give up his virginity for over a year. Not being able to take the celibacy any longer, she turns to her Math Professor who seems to be interested in her as well. In the end,… Read More
17th Century novel about a girl who meets the witch who saves her life. Contains lesbianism and adult content. Read More
While raking up the leaves in his yard,a teenager falls asleep and suddenly wakes up in the realm of the fairies where he encounters one of them. Read More
After an angry God strips a defiant angel of her wings and halo and banishes her to Earth,she is discovered by a handsome college student who decides to let her stay at his place. Read More
Dark Times ... Bella is kidnapped and tortured, When she discovers who has taken her, things get even worse. She has to be held captive for her own safety. But who exactly is she being kept safe from? The title is what it is. This story has sex, violence, drama… Read More

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November 01, 2010

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-completed- Ai was raised as the perfect lover, flexible and beautiful, after being stolen from her home in China at a young age. Now eighteen she is finally sold as a bride, shipped away to Canada. It is here she meets the fascinating Parker Phillips, a woman with a plan… Read More
I was normal like you once, till that bastard desided that he wanted me and nothing was going to stop him not even me. Of course he wouldn't kill me but he never said he wouldn't hurt me. Read More

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Two roommates and long time friends wake up one morning and make a discovery. Two micro's romance story based on vore. Sexual Materials Full Tour Unwilling Willing Anal Vore Oral Vore Unbirth f/fm f/f f/m Read More

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**rough draft only!** melody is in danger and only her dream guy can save her, but hes only a dream... Read More
A vague tale of love lost and remembered, bordering on the obsessive. A dip into the saga of my character "Skye" and the human girl he became enamored with. Read More
An encounter between the vague characters of Devon and Anna, two people (one vampire and one human) who have obviously had history, but that both explains that history and leaves it to the imagination...all in the same breath. Read More
Ærin Eymundsdóttir; Erin, a girl with a power. She gets turned by the hot boy at her new school, David Hel, a Vampir, and pulled into a war; both Vampir and Human. Read More

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March 30, 2009

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It is in the night, that beautiful moments of pleasure arise, drumming with the nature’s beauty. The moon light gives a poetic touch to the events occurring beneath and the entire darkness covers the act of love. Read More
This is about the love of a human and a vampire. Read More

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