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my 2nd part of my "Sh!t" freestyle. i used Dove Cameron's "BAM WHAT!" throughout the instrumental. Read More

Tags: love, sexy, hot, women, song, ugly

A short poem of mine, heehee I try, hope you likie :3 Read More

Tags: erotic, love, sexual, sexy, hot, fun

Nagami Tsukamoto, a loner girl with a short temper but with ravishing looks is pursued by four girls much to her dismay. She is also reluctant by their lust for attention but has hidden aggressive side that excites them besides her temper. *:3 short and sexy like a skirt, wanna… Read More
Another of my famous short poems, enjoy *its just a poem please don't judge me like another did* Read More
Captivated and full of lust young Darcy craves more than just her teachers attention. Read More
Addison is still reeling from Logan's dismissal ten days later and finds an outlet for her craving to get kinky and submit at a wild frat party, but the brat can't seem to stay out of trouble. Logan doesn't want to go lifestyle, but see how she lures him into… Read More
my "I Luv This Shit" freestyle dedicated to Daniella Monet who btw is scientificly a lot hotter then 99% of women. I got the idea for this in my sleep last night. Read More

Tags: love, life, sexy, hot, song, actress

Kimberly learns some disturbing news, and realizes the flip side of the consequences. Read More
I had the pleasure of having a good friend of mine help me write out one of my biggest fantasies yet. Super stoked about this :) I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Read More
A surprise day trip to a natural hot springs. Finally able to get away for a relaxing stay at a natural hot springs. Hope you enjoy, I'd love any feedback. Thanks for reading. Read More
Layla was a topical rich spoiled brat. But once she discovered what BDSM was, she had to have it... like any topical gothic teenage who never got attention from her parents, she needed someone to please her and be there for her. Once she's gown up, still as bratty as… Read More
This is in homage to the Discovery Channel series 'Naked and Afraid'. It is what I really think ought to happen on that show. Read More
Each chapter is a new story with a little something special. Be warned of Adult contact. Enjoy ;) Please feel free to cretique, as this is my first erotica! Read More

Tags: desire, lust, hot, boys, girls

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Tyshae is a widow who has to learn to live again after her husband dies. She moves away from where their life was in order to due that. This is the story about her learning to due that and how two hunks that want her more than anything. Its a… Read More
Ever since he fucked me hard and good in the back seat of my dad's car.. I got addicted to him so today seeing a chance to have him again inside me.. I went to his house. Read More
Sophie waited anxiously for Robby to come home, she had something to say to him Read More
Two bestial sex offenders subject a poor innocent to hellish torture and a brutal fate.... Read More
After Tara goes to jail; Jax is left to deal with the aftermath. The club takes action against potential threats. Jax world is falling apart around him, needing someone to help hold him together. He meets them; has to make the hard calls. He has proven he can lead the… Read More
(NOT FOR UNDER 18) After the class I went to his house and he fucked me hard while 1000's of people watched me taking him all the way deep and getting fucked good and hard. Read More
A young couple hopes tonight will be the night. Read More
This was actually inspired by a character in a story of mine who sat in backroom engaging in a hot personal call.:) Read More
Ever since Lilith divorced her husband, things have been all but peachy. Can her friend, Paul add some relief to her stressful life? Read More
A script inspired by the seventies shocker Last House on Dead End Street, this is a rape revenge shocker set in a seedy porno underworld-its an old script hence its pre-digital media setting and quaint use of heritage technologies such as VHS> Read More
When a young man finds out that the Emperor is keeping beautiful young girls hostege, he comes to the rescue ! read to find out how she thanks him ;) Read More
A married woman is given the workout of her life by her personal trainer one hot and sweaty night. EXCERPT: He squats down with an elastic band in his hand, then straps an end around each ankle. I look down at him as he does so and an image of… Read More
He sees the most beautiful woman in a store and this chance encounter leads to an incredible experience. Read More

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