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I turn nineteen and my present is a gangbang! Read More
Sometimes when you think things can't get any worse, they get so much better. Read More
***SLIGHTLY EXPLICIT CONTENT*** An ode to my King? Read More
Brody Morris is too handsome for Mollie. Too popular. He is definitely meant for somebody else. Besides, even if he does return her feelings, there is this slight little problem that she is dating his little brother. Read More

Tags: sex, romance, love, hot, bbw

Lorraine is introduced to her masters' friends and is treated far worse than she had been expecting. NOTE: THIS STORY MAY OFFEND, I ALSO WISH NOT TO ENDORSE THE ACTIONS TAKEN BY SOME OF THE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Read More
Their fights were bad but the lovemaking was louder. Jenna comes home read what happens next. Read More
Friday, 11:34PM. I sit in my living room with Sy. We just finished dessert after dinner and now we are chatting as I receive a text from Jamie: “Are you coming over?” He asks. I get a bit excited because I know for a fact that a text at this… Read More

Tags: erotica, hot, couple

as a few ppl on my other site feel this story should have a part 2, I will be writing it soon. Read More
An old lady reminisces about a special St Valentine's day Read More
I worte this story on another site for a VIP Competition. The Competition Theme was: Stories must revolve around a VIP theme. Think along the lines of exclusive hotels,clubs or parties, a backstage rendezvous, high society weddings, First Class travel, daring deeds in the back of limousines etc. I hoop… Read More
After seeing a photo of Sharleen on a network channel, Jay could not get her out of his mind. She was beautiful. He was a lover of good women and saw them as pieces of art. She was the best; nice composition and a lovely facial angle. He loved her… Read More
This is the story of a man who meets an amazing women named Silver. Read More
a sort of love song/dedication to the lovely, fabolous, enticing, perfect, and scientific marvel Lulu Antariksa. actually I only came up with the lyrics for this early this afternoon. I will be releasing the audio on my V-Day EP called "Luv Stanks & Sucks" Read More

Tags: love, hot, friends, future

As Tosh entered the room, he knew exactly who he wanted next; the petite brunette girl sitting in the brown leather sofa reading a novel called "Technology for Dummies". Read More
Amelia Conrad Desouza, A multi millionaire and a very strong willed women, married for a year and a bit she felt like it was a prison sentence, she took on Danny baggage a daughter and ex, but Amelia was craving so much more to life, she had a high sex… Read More
Guy hates the girl he's seeing, good sex though Read More

Tags: hot, hate, bad, breakup, gossip

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A young police woman has been looking into cases that seem to suggest that women are being raped in the middle of the night but by morning they find no evidence of the rough treatment they received the night before except a small black mark on their wrist. She thought… Read More
Lorraine is sold to a group of men who plan to use and abuse her as they see fit. NOTE: THIS STORY MAY OFFEND, I ALSO WISH NOT TO ENDORSE THE ACTIONS TAKEN BY SOME OF THE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Read More
Here is a script to a music video about a sexy woman who wanted a lot of jewellery from her rich partner. He brings her jewellery, but she quickly sees these gifts come with a price; her submission. She succumbs to the rich guy's wishes, and he makes her body… Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 12, 2014

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

I had fun making this poem, kept shaking head in giggles :) I hope you enjoy too Read More
A sexy Short story about doing something so wrong it feels right. Read More

Tags: sexy, hot, heat, wrong, slick

my 2nd part of my "Sh!t" freestyle. i used Dove Cameron's "BAM WHAT!" throughout the instrumental. Read More

Tags: love, sexy, hot, women, song, ugly

A short poem of mine, heehee I try, hope you likie :3 Read More

Tags: erotic, love, sexual, sexy, hot, fun

Nagami Tsukamoto, a loner girl with a short temper but with ravishing looks is pursued by four girls much to her dismay. She is also reluctant by their lust for attention but has hidden aggressive side that excites them besides her temper. *:3 short and sexy like a skirt, wanna… Read More
Another of my famous short poems, enjoy *its just a poem please don't judge me like another did* Read More
Captivated and full of lust young Darcy craves more than just her teachers attention. Read More
Addison is still reeling from Logan's dismissal ten days later and finds an outlet for her craving to get kinky and submit at a wild frat party, but the brat can't seem to stay out of trouble. Logan doesn't want to go lifestyle, but see how she lures him into… Read More

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