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(This is an excerpt from my novel DOMINATED: THE TROPHY WIFE'S AFFAIR, formerly known as "The Affair.") Jessica gets on the ferris wheel with Liam, and he's got some dirty plans for the ride... If you want the whole novel it's available at Read More
Just a story... hopefully you'll find it funny? Read More

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One of my many sexy one shots. Read More

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Just some awesome one shots I realized were too sexy to keep to myself. ;) Read More

Book / General Erotica

October 14, 2014

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In a futuristic world of guns and explosions, poker and smoke, hit men and organized groups set out to kill each other for control. Among them is Rosemary Robins, a professional hit woman who works for money. When the nation seems to topple down on her, she tag teams alongside… Read More
Last Night Was AMAZING! Are you ready to play the question game? Read More

Poem / General Erotica

September 30, 2014

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I wanted to post this to facebook but I just feel it's more appropriate here. Read More

Tags: poem, hot, loving

Poem / General Erotica

September 11, 2014

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A little something, enjoy! Read More

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This is a one shot R Rated story. Over 18's only! Jane is a straight girl but whilst walking to work one morning this woman caught her eye. From that day Jane has felt a yearning to get closer to her. Then a strange cowboy enters her office which suddenly… Read More

Tags: love, hot, oral, mf, ff, ffm, mmf, showers

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I keep having hot dreams about my friend's hot mom, who was a MILF. One day I had the opportunity to make my dreams come true when my friend was asleep, and I seized that chance and it happened. Read More
He remembers back to his youth and a sexual encounter with his young, hot maths teacher. Read More
Jane has been going to a fitness center to blow off steam after a recent break up. However, she finds that steam isn't the only thing she wants to blow. Read More

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If you have that one person that you were together with at some point that you can't get over and still love deep down inside although it has been years and years, you will understand. Read More

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It is 1750. Accused of practicing witchcraft, Annabel and her sister Julia manage to escape from London to the forests of norther France with Annabel's lover Edward. Isolated in these remote forests, the three struggle to survive as sexual tension builds. When Julia decides to give Annabel and Edward some… Read More
I'm hungry for more short poems, hope you are too ;) Read More
Please do enjoy funny steamy like poem ;) Read More

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A party in a rented house leads to a very memorable experience for a college boy. Read More
Story of love in the office. very hot and steamy. Read More

Tags: sexy, hot, fun, mf

Tanya goes to stay with her brother and is surprised by what she saw on her arrival. Her brothers room mates were Identical twins. what happens when she falls for not only one of them but both of them. read on to find out more. Lots of MMF MF Read More

Tags: sexy, hot, fun, mf, mmf

Before you read this story, please note that everyone in this story, is willing and nothing is forced! Soldiers have been away at sea for nearly twelve months with no physical contact with the outside world at all. A little Island set miles away from everywhere is where they go… Read More
Lorraine wakes up to find herself in Jackson's home. He is caring for her, but what does he really want and is Lorraine going to let him have it? Read More
Pilot chapters... Brillant, sassy lawyer, Jasmine Lincoln has only one regret that she never ever wanted to remember again. However, fate is something you just can't control. Read about what happens to Sugar Cohen's best friend from Design for You! Read More

Tags: romance, love, sexy, hot, comedy

David and Kristen go to the movies and watch more than the movie, and the clean up afterward is more than popcorn. Read More
Just a random short poem I did :) Read More
Tina has a new gym program, and is gaining confidence in her hot body, when she has a chance encounter with the owner, Lucas. Who knew how many ways a gym could be used? Read More

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