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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Eva's parents raised her to believe in God and trust in his teachings. Being a good Catholic daughter she never once questioned her faith. Until one fateful night, she walks a demon through her door. The events of that night leave her broken and lead to her seeking vengeance. A… Read More
Tommy learns the importance of punctuality and the consequences of disobedience when he encounters Tanya, the woman who will own him Read More
Sully and Jordyn have been best friends since middle school, falling in love secretly with each other as they grow older. Finally with one night of ecstasy they declare it to one another. This is my first one so please leave comments, I hope you like, thanks! Possibly thinking of… Read More
At 19 years old she was the perfect candidate to travel with the band, keeping them company and also watching the boys to make sure they weren't tarnishing their public image. But she eventually has to watch herself as she quickly becomes infatuated with the bands drummer, Ashton. Read More
It is fuck, fuck time...and bang, bang time--with Stian Elberd and his beautiful wife, Ragnhild Ascwin. Read More
Ragnhild Ascwin wants her good-looking husband, Stian Elberd, to nail and hump and shag her in different styles. This is a full-of-years sex story collection. Read More
Ragnhild Ascwin enjoys sucking and fucking big dicks and John Thomases...which is what her gorgeous husband, Stian Elberd, truly and precisely has got for her. Read More more steamy and piping hot and sizzling erotic sex. These are gray-haired stories brought out anew. Read More more hot sex. These are two past-their-prime and gray-haired but moreover spun-out and dragging short stories put and fused together as one. Read More
The girl of my dreams Has come to me To make my life whole But now she smells like c** to me Because I filled her ho*e My hot ji** Runs off her face And also out her slit Steaming, gooey And smearing her t**s This was written about me,… Read More
She's always wanted a girl/girl experience, and now, she got two for one. Can she keep her secret from her boyfriend that she had a lesbian 3some? Mmmmm You will explode! Read More
An innocent yet vividly sensual display that depicts two long standing friends who finally succumb to their carnal desires. Read More
It is Halloween, and Stian Elberd, with the company and presence of his cutely and submissive wife, Ragnhild Ascwin, decides to try out hot and excessively enjoyable sex inside a scary, lavish coffin. Will it turn out great? Or awful? Read More
A slavey and her hubby’s scullion—and merry but liberated—Ragnhild Ascwin comes to know the moral and lecture that true sexual and non-sexual bliss and enjoyment and contentment comes with being meek and compliant and yielding to whatever her overlord and principal of a man, Stian Elberd, has to decree and… Read More
So whadya say Get naked now Don't be afraid What's it matter If you f*** me one more time We've been f***in so much, so long, We should both be blind Read More
Lara's boyfriend decides to settle his debt by letting his girlfriend get gangbanged in a barn by his family. Read More
A moment of lust when two people come together as their minds have nothing else but raw delirious lust for each other's bodies. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A morning cup of coffee by herself becomes a wild encounter she will never forget. Read More
(This is based on the 8 year span between the first Boondock Saints movie and the second) Conner, Murphy, and their Da escaped to Ireland, from the awaited fate they had left back in Boston, MA. Their Da found work with an old friend whom had made out good for… Read More
Remember the story I wrote earlier this year? Well, read it here, once again accessible to the public! A young man's parents leave the country for a month and he is left with his horny high school science teacher. Things get even spicier when his dream girl gets thrown into… Read More

Poem / Poetry

December 14, 2014

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

I try heehee a new short poem I did, enjoy. Read More
Ryan and Virgil have a lot of fun with Virgil's step sister on a hot day at the pool... Read More
A girl and her guy best friend have a totally awesome movie night Read More
An excerpt from DOMINATED: THE TROPHY WIFE'S AFFAIR... this is the beginning to the final sex scene between Liam and Jessica. The book is available FOR FREE TODAY at Read More

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