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Isa is an impressionable man with wonderful attributes. Dianne is a well-to-do woman who has never gotten her feet dirty, nor her deeds. These two were a power couple at first, but now? not so much. Read More
Elissa, a captured soul is held captive down in the deep depths of Hell, can she get out, or will she be devoured? Read More

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Being forced to go out, Tasha finds herself wishing she was home as she suffers the nightclub scene. Trying to locate the restrooms, she stumbles on a private matter being held inside an office. Having seen too much, Tasha is held against her will as Brent Tipton holds her life… Read More

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April 26, 2012

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A young girl viciously taken hostage. She was an innocent victim from a robbery gone wrong, thrown into a life of sexual abuse, bondage and pain. **Novel will contain graphic violence and extreme sexual content** Read More

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Christian Luciano was a tough, no messing around type of mobster with an attitude to match. Despite being tough, he wasn't as confident in the killing department. He never had a problem with ordering a murder but he would much rather not get his hands dirty. Then came an unexpected… Read More
Dark Times ... Bella is kidnapped and tortured, When she discovers who has taken her, things get even worse. She has to be held captive for her own safety. But who exactly is she being kept safe from? The title is what it is. This story has sex, violence, drama… Read More
When Serena tries her to run away on her wedding day, she is instead kidnapped and held hostage by Luc. Luc is her fiancee's sexy friend and it seems he might want to keep Serena for himself. Read More
A disturbed teacher takes a class hostage. Read More

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