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Part 2 of 3. This section follows Sonja's treatment of Guy, entirely from her perspective. One short story has turned into two parts and now into three. Read More
A Knight Templar returning to Normandy from the Holy land is traveling through Eastern Europe and saves a young woman from raiders. How will she repay him? Part One is the rescue and includes scenes of graphic violence. Part two is a scene of Sonia tending to Guy's wounds and… Read More
Finally after a strainuous courtship Avery and Quint are together despite Egan's best efforts. Now we see how their first time together, just the two, becomes a tangled mix of guilt, lust, and most of all love. Read More
I just wanted to submit poetry that is from the heart. I love to write poetry. Read More
We all trust a man of the cloth. How blind are we that refuse to see Read More

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