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The author of this short story tells us about what happened between him and Marilyn Monroe during the filming of her last film 'Something's Got To Give'. Read More
This story happens to be an answer to this one question, 'What if Lady Godiva had a lover that nobody knew about?' Read More
The author of this short story tells us about what he had done in his past life as a viking warrior. Read More
Lady Rayne, just married to Lord Angelstone witnessed her husbands betrayal and destroyed her heart. Now four years later she has come back into her husband's life to protect their children from his vile brother. The brother wants nothing more than to molest his neice and steal everything from Angelstone.… Read More
Annabella, a proud young woman hungry for power, has been expelled from the Duke's bed and arms, a place she occupied for years, due to the machinations of the scheming, secretly homosexual Gaspardi, who not only sought to usurp her place in the Duke's bed but also her influence over… Read More
After a beautiful maiden becomes betrayed when she finds her lover in the arms of another woman,she bumps into another guy who turns out to be the true love of her life. Read More

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