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Sometimes when you think things can't get any worse, they get so much better. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Building a house can bring many unexpected things. Read More
Beth knew that building a house was going to be full of unusual turns, but she certainly didn't expect this. Read More
Hubie and Elizabeth are at it again. This 6b is written from her perspective; 6a is from Hubie's. I'm dying to hear which one people like better. Read More

Tags: work, het, lockerroom

Hubie and Elizabeth are at it again. I wasn't sure which way I wanted this to go so I wrote 6a from Hubie's perspective. 6b will be from Elizabeth's. Let me know which one you like better....please? Read More

Tags: work, het, lockerroom

Hubie and Elizabeth can't help themselves again. Read More

Tags: office, public, het

Elizabeth and Hubie continue their office romance Read More

Tags: seduction, office, het

Elizabeth and her new boss continue exploring their working relationship. Read More
Elizabeth's new boss continues to surprise her Read More
He was supposed to be keeping an eye on the building as part of his job, but when his eyes started watching one of the tenants his normally dull job gets very interesting. Read More
His obsession with the fairer sex is hurting his grades, so will he find a way to satisfy his growing needs. Read More
He sees the most beautiful woman in a store and this chance encounter leads to an incredible experience. Read More
Stuck on a long flight to Europe, Hubie couldn't believe his luck. Read More
Does Hubie's loyalty to his female boss finally pay off? Read More

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