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"The day that your mum died was the day the laughter left your eyes." That's what my ex-wife, Leanne, had said to me one day out of the blue when I was picking up my young son, James, from the rented house she'd shared with her new partner, Len, who… Read More

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"Just so damn intellectual... I want to tell you that I constantly harp on writers round here NOT to do what you have done. STOP writing thes..." Read More

Ezekiel has been running from his past his entire life. Is the one person he shouldn't pursue the one person that can redeem him? **Jewish Word Definitions** Bedeken (Be-dek-un) - during the signing of the ketubah, marriage contract, the groom with pull a veil over the bride to signify his… Read More

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Ezekiel has a dark past and promised his best friend he wouldn't get involved with his sister. Then he met her and everything changed. ::AN:: The beginning of this book starts in 2010. Won't necessarily make a big difference, but some things might make some more sense. Also if anyone… Read More

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Sad poem of a broken heart Read More

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Short Story / Adult Romance

February 15, 2018

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A boy ,memories,a bar. Read More

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When builder David Scott meets Alice Creswell who comes from a wealthy family, for the both of them it’s love at first sight. When David realizes who she is, he knows her parents wouldn’t approve of him and tries to fight his feelings for her. David eventually gives in and… Read More
Months after a traumatic incident, Margo is trying to heal and figure out where her life should go next. Then the person closest to her does the unthinkable. Pronunciation and meanings of the Irish words: Aoife- ‘Ee-fa’ Breandan- ‘Brendon’ Cian- ‘Key-an’ Daideó- ‘dadj yoh’ grandpa Eoin- ‘Oh in’ Áilleacht- ‘awl-yukht’… Read More

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Requiem: “A dirge, hymn, or musical service for the repose of the dead.” Cian's POV of "The Suffering". Cian does what he has to for his love, even if it kills him. Pronunciation and meanings of the Irish words: Aoife- ‘Ee-fa’ Breandan- ‘Brendon’ Cian- ‘Key-an’ Daideó- ‘dadj yoh’ grandpa Eoin-… Read More

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Have you ever met a guy and thought, I just have to have him, but he was taken? What if you could feel it in your soul that he was meant for you? Would you still chase after him? Would you think about karma if you got him? How true… Read More
A song for the ones who know the pain of having an incomplete love story or the ones who are longing for the other half of their heart. Do tell if it could touch. Also suggestions of themes and styles are welcomed for the next work. Let's try n be… Read More
When emotions get to strong to be held in heart, and eye deny to let them flow, I retort to the pen to save my heart of the outburst. Here is one. Read More

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William Love and his brother have lived a life of misery, their life’s could have been one of happiness and privilege but their wealthy parents treated them bad. One cold winter’s night they are separated and thrown out on the streets to survive on their own for one month to… Read More

Book / Adult Romance

January 01, 2017

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liana was fifteen years old when she befriended a drifter called tramp, who was four years older than her. for the next year their friendship turned to love but circumstances beyond their control was about to ruin everything for them. tramp didn't want to ruin liana's life and disappeared, he… Read More

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Two people playing their parts collide, and in the most unlikeliest place find a salve for their wounded souls. Read More

Book / Other

June 01, 2016

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Lacey has lived on the streets for four years and one night crosses paths with Evan Durber who runs everything in the city from the prostitutes to drugs and clubs and not thinking straight and she tells him her real name. When she beats up one of his high-class call… Read More
Tonight, I don't think That I could put down my drink And have to go back to that Lonely, lonesome home Where it all leaves me all alone And there's no one there to hear me say That I wish with all my might That each and every night You'd… Read More
A poem I wrote about vengeance, shattered hearts/minds and emotional breakups. Read More
Hayden Miller lost the love of his life, but he still pays the bill for her mobile. He knows no one will ever reply, but it feels good pretending. Only one day, he starts getting texts back. Read More
A sensual, agonizing goodbye between two clandestine lovers. Read More
I slammed the door behind me with such force that the noise reverberated around the hotel room. Trying to steady myself I slumped back against the door, closing my eyes, willing my erratic heart beat to slow. I didn't take long for my tears to leak from beneath my closed… Read More

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