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My mother has discovered I’ve been working as a high-class call girl since I was nineteen. She’s paying for me to see a top therapist to help me get better and live a normal life. Whatever she means by that, I don’t know. My therapist, Richard Knox is twenty years… Read More
My internal struggle depicted in ink, to tell my story and get me to think. Read More
Did u ever wake up one day and realise you are where you never wanted to be in life. The crushing realisation that this is it and all you will ever have. The darkness is my friend and foe. It is the only thing i will ever have that is… Read More
Bryan was getting tired of Melissa's attitude towards him. "But Melissa is broken, her father abused her and she's never gotten her way...just be patient with her." Her mother would say. Well Bryan has had enough, it was time to show Melissa exactly what HER love felt like. Read More
Deeply personal story of a scared and scarred girl's transformation into a whole woman. Read More

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