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Hermione spills her guts about having an affair with the man who hated her. I don't own any characters only J.K Rowling. Read More
Cedric Diggory AU. Cedric Diggory has traveled from England to attend the renowned Wright School, where he meets California's biggest self-loathing misfit, Lola Sinclair. Together they explore their sexuality, cross things off their bucket list, and hate on everyone else but each other. Read More
This is a Harry Potter FanFic. George Weasley is lost without his brother Fred. Until he meets a curious muggle girl. Right now he needs a friend more than anything. Freindship Story. Warning; May include drug use, sex, alochol abuse. Read More
This is a Harry potter dramoine fanfiction(Draco malfoy and hermoine granger) Hermoine is tired of her abusive husband,Ron and decides to leave him.she soon finds herself falling for none other than Draco malfoy.after a hot night together,will more than just hermoines life be in danger? Read More
Harry Potter story set in Marauder era. Sirius Black, 17 year old heart-throb of Hogwarts has ran away from home, after years of torment. Melody Cutler, 17 year old Muggleborn witch has ran away from years of neglect and abuse. What happens when these broken hearted teenagers, who only want… Read More

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