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What happens when an aspiring swimmer is kidnapped and sold off? Freshly 18, 2 months left of school, but no more. Not if Mr. Wells has something to say about it. Though as kind as he may seem, there are underlying fetishes that just are not normal. Karen will just… Read More
A young guy gets a real lesson in sex from his older auburn haired teacher. Read More

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A visit to the barbershop tuned out to be more than I expected. I almost managed to get a haircut but.... A story inspired by a truly wicked lady. Read More
Our sex life is enlivened after a secret is revealed. Read More

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After a night of being away, I come home to you passed out drunk, and the house trashed... But there are always consequences. Read More
brief poem I jotted down probably about 2002 Read More
An excerpt from DOMINATED: THE TROPHY WIFE'S AFFAIR... this is the beginning to the final sex scene between Liam and Jessica. The book is available FOR FREE TODAY at Read More
It is a long day at the office for Leo, until the spy he has been hunting down for two years has been caught, but will she be what he was expecting? Or will she be much more? Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 05, 2014

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A Journey of Five explorers over a landscape. Read More
A modern tale version of Rapunzel for FrootLoops fairytale contest. Violent scenes. Read More
A woman's pussy is a beautiful, demanding little thing, isn't it? Just like its feline counterpart. Read More

Short Story / General Erotica

September 06, 2012

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Me having sex with my Hairdresser. or at least Me imagining having sex with my hair dresser. Read More
Most exciting things might happen at the least expected time. I had already attained adulthood and so did my desires. I never thought my very first sexual act will begin at a public place... Read More
It's coming on evening and two guys talk with some ignorance and some inventiveness about the sexual attributes of the opposite sex. Read More

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the journey down her body the little trips on the way more romantic than erotic Read More

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