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December 18, 2017

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The Ropes and Chains House

Sold out by her friend, Amanda Green or Little Mouse as Mr.Handsome knows her as, finds herself in a dark, damp cellar in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to run. What comes next is unexpected, unwanted, and horrifying. Warning: Will contain gore, extreme violence, and scenes that will make… Read More
Two coroners just got in the corpse of a pregnant woman who died during a satanic ritual. They have no idea the horror that is about to unfold. WARNING: This is an extreme horror story. Read More
Episode 1: Six friends meet up and play a horrible prank on a mousy girl, accidently killing her. Read More
Based on the hit new Xbox kinect video game that will soon be released, Rise of Nightmares stars Scott who awakens alone in a dark room. A video is there, showing him how he got there. Faced with his darkest nightmares, he has a chance to save other people that… Read More
Not for the weak stomach!!!!! Real death gory pictures! Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A war story following the fortunes of Major Bernard Ballbuster and his platoon as they get down to some serious killing in the searing deserts of Afghanistan. A blistering tale of war, romance, killing, guns, guts, knives, killing, rope traps, stabbings, grenades, killing, death, killing, and killing. Read More

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