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This short story is about an innocent man who unwillingly gets involved with a group of terrorists. Read More

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The Outer_Limits House

Syndie is new in town, but makes a fast enemy. Her knight in shinning armor is not human, but rather a wolf. Read More
You know that one event that changes a person. Well I've had some, it all started when I was born or maybe when I was two, or maybe, well I shouldn't get ahead of my self. I shouldn't be telling you this, it's dangerous! So if you want to know… Read More
(FINISHED) Three years after Tristan died, Jenna is with Nate and has twins by him. When she bumps into Clementine in the mall, she realizes clementine is clueless about the death of tristan and when Clementine is finally aware, all she wants is revenge. Read More
Im not much of a writer please leave feed back thanks also have antoher story on here Cabin torture. TY Make your choice a young woman steps up to save her best friends family Read More
Ex soldier accepts notice of imminent death... Read More
Some graphic scenes.. (gore and/or sexual intercourse) and some language your mother would hit you for using. Read More
Again, I'm not really sure where this one came from. It was an interesting write. Not really following how I usually write. Opinions? Read More

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