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Warning - Expansion & Gts fetish The music played in this obscure Dutch nightclub will blow your mind, among other things. Read More
Constance has wanted to talk to her next door neighbor Parker about his guitar playing. One night, she decided to go see him and he teaches her how to play guitar. Along the way, guitar playing is not the only thing in their minds... Read More
An innocent girl who is passionate about her music discovers a new kind of passion when she is assessed on her skills. Read More
The day Amelie turned 18, she decides to leave her old life behind to start a new one. A new one without disappointments or setbacks. A new one that should be happy. She always wanted to experience happiness. The happiness parents have, when they're playing with ther children, the happiness… Read More
!!!ON A BREAK UNTIL I'VE FINISHED MY HP FANFICTION!!! Freya Jenkins (16) is sick and tired os Jamie Daniel. He's on every frontpage, he's always on the radio, he's on TV, and everywhere on the walls in the room she shares with her sister Helen. Jamie Daniel (17) is the… Read More

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May 10, 2008

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In the party of sex, drugs and unlimited possibilities that life seemed to be in the city they lived in, Levin, Lawrence and Shelley throw themselves into the adventure of fulfilling their desires. But desire has its costs - hedonism is a rapacious mistress and not everyone gets out alive.… Read More

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