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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

XXX !GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING! XXX The subject matter I have explored in this story relates to pedophilia, and therefore I must discourage any of you who are easily offended not to read. IN NO WAY DO I ENCOURAGE OR CONDONE PEDOPHILIA, CHILD ABUSE, OR ANY OF THE THINGS DEPICTED IN… Read More
"...I guess there is something that you can never erase...~" - Rachel, She Wants Revenge The Sequel 1 of Dreaming in Monochrome. Continue the travel through the thoughts of this young troubled person gone depressed.~ Slash (male/male) dysfunctional relationship suggested. Violence, drama, graphic non-consensual coitus. Read More
Like a good female masturbation scene? This is one of the stories that I have posted on Amazon and it features a recurring character, Amelie. In this piece, she is preparing for her Friday night hunt, standing in front of the mirror. Please feel free to check out my other… Read More

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The Raines love House

the previous owner of hell is try to get his kingdom back from lucifer, but in order for him to do that he needs the help of one woman... Jennet. when he finds her she is resistant at first but gradually warms up to him and the idea of being… Read More
A novel about fall of mankind. -- Max Alec is an lonesome wanderer, he survives day to day only to live to see tomorrow in a land full of brutality and harshness. This story contains violence and graphic scenes, if you're sensitive beware. Read More
Unfaithful She is once again... She's mine but I'm not hers.. Read More
Women love to have their pussy's eaten by men that know what they are doing Read More
“It’s nothing to be ashamed of, believe me.” Gwen lifted her left hand to push a thick strand of Rachel’s hair behind her shoulder, “I never thought I’d be turned on by another woman either, but the chemistry can be just as powerful as with any man.” Cupping her jaw,… Read More
An angel by day but temptress by night Beckoning you with a wink of an eye Read More
X-RATED. A Very disturbing, mind blowing, and stomach renching story. A yound couple who travel to michighan in the hope of getting married stay in a secluded cottage in the middle of the forest. All seems fine but they take a trip into the very bowles of hell when they… Read More
A disturbing tale of a hit-man who pays the bloody price for his actions. Read More

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