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MR X is a cold war spy thriller set in the late 1950's. The story is based on the trials and tribulations of two British secret service agents from London. They are employed by the government and are assigned to recover and rescue an important British agent who has been… Read More
Laney Cassidy is fed up with her government. It's not the democracy she was raised with, she wants it back. A company known as Global Expansions bought out the USA and now running it. People are going to prison for the littlest things, even getting killed. She is part of… Read More
taken from my book, "This Never Happened Before" Read More
Kara has a complicated yet, convenient life. She may have accidentally downloaded the secrets from the very first US President to the current President called "The Intersect" into her mind without her knowing it when she was still a baby. It is shown to be a near unique ability to… Read More
(FINISHED!) At the age of fifteen, Faye Dawson's family was kidnapped from her. The only way for them to release them safely is for her to be a hired killer, or an assassin. She did not want to do it, but she goes with it, for her family. Now five… Read More

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November 15, 2012

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At age ten, Clarice Stuart is rescued from a potentially traumatizing experience by a mysterious stranger who seems to appear out of nowhere and then disappear just as suddenly. Twenty years later, on a cold November night on an icy mountain highway as Clarice is on her way to her… Read More
This story is about a group of young adults with a mutated powers working to overthrow an human who is using these creatures to build an army. Involves Romance, adventure, fantasy, and great characters! Rated X for romance mature ideas and issues, and possible language. Not really so bad but… Read More
Government, religion, army, police, universities, hospitals, everything is connected with politics. The things mentioned in this novel are taking place in the real world, I am trying to fictionalize it. Your EACH n EVERY word, through comments, feedbacks, etc. shall be affecting the story, since, I am going to apply… Read More

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