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Men can be confusing, don't you think? Read More

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be awaits the arrival of her say goodbye Read More

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Poem / General Erotica

February 23, 2016

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Goodbye Read More

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Well it's almost time Eileen moved onto pastures new.I want to thank all of those wonderful writers and readers who have supported me throughout my short stint on Booksiesilk.Without your great encouragement and kind words I would never have written so many titles.Moonglow,Ilmokolo,FranciscoFraser,LauraLewis,Spider666,Megalips,Blushinglips,SamNash,RichardSoso,ProfessorWoland,JimmyValentine,you are truly awesome writers and more importantly… Read More

Poem / Adult Romance

April 08, 2015

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Sometimes, all that's left to say is goodbye. Read More
A sensual, agonizing goodbye between two clandestine lovers. Read More
Born and raised in San Diego Nina is ready to venture out for college. So when she gets accepted to her dream school in New York she says yes. But that means goodbye to the boy she has been in love with since 8th grade. Read More
A last moment together, a final parting afternoon for my Mistress, my lover and I. Read More

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