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She... Is the wolf who banished the most powerful sorcerer in the world from Ireland. She is the last mystic wolf to roam the earth. And she is the only one who can allow the supernatural to enter Ireland once more. Only she has no memory of who she was,… Read More
Ancient Egypt is a place of legends, gods, and lustful encounters between deities and willing females. Soraya, a young and beautiful virgin, is about to embark in a journey of sexual discovery which will change her life forever. Read More

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As the immortal king of the Underworld, Hades is accustomed to a life of longing and loneliness. A man of his power and majesty should have no interest in silly, innocent things - and yet the woman who haunts his mind's darkest desires is Persephone, the Earth-bound daughter of the… Read More
When Katherine turned thirteen, she was claimed by one of two warring immortal gods. Her best friend Sebastian was claimed by the other. Now sworn enemies, Katherine must find a way of stopping Sebastian from destroying time and creating chaos. Sebastian is not above using anything to get to her.… Read More
Think of my story as a war where countless dimensions universes and planets are fighting each other for supremacy. Each universe is it's own side, they work together. Each dimension filled with planets has different specialized powers and abilities. For instance, one dimension is filled with Greek mythological gods and… Read More

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Juliet is the daughter of a college professor, a deceased professor now. Buried under the bills and debts she is drowning and seeking an escape. She finds it in the man on her doorstep. Or should she say Jackal shape shifter, Zarek has the answer to her problems, she isnt… Read More
Oliver a 43 year old man, Nova's father is cruel and will do just about anything to gain favor or power in society. Even marry his daughter off to the richest man he can get. Which is the purpose of the birthday party. Being as old as she is now,… Read More
Please read the first two chapters of House of Gods first! Anyway, Nala, now confronted with Theos and Grekos, must submit to them-for face a harsh penalty. Read More
Nala has just been dominated by Miiko, her true love-master-and real-life greek sex god. But will she submit to Theos and Grekos too? Please read the original House of Gods first. :D Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

There exists a school deep in the Forbidden Mountains, where all creatures of myth and legend convene to teach the young to exist among humans, to survive in a world unforgiving. Deep underneath the school sleeps a werewlf more powerful than any ever seen. The Mother Wolf, and above exists… Read More
Hybrids are always fighting with purebloods for the rights of dominate species. But a clan follows the way to not only protect their home, but also their friends and family. Meet Akasha and Cleya as they go through the life of being hybrids. Read More
"In the old Religion of the first ancient realm it is written into the stars that when the Divine ascends, the Darkness shall rise. But if the Divine is offered to the Gods of all realms as a sacrifice for the greater good, then the Darkness shall remain at bay.… Read More
An art student living in a small town on the coast lives the same way everyday since she had stated living there. She never thought she was different from anyone else, in fact, she thought she was below the average human. What she didn't know was that she was not… Read More
Phoebe Washington has been looking forward to her four day vacation in Brazil for a very long time. What makes it even better is that her sister, Emma, came along too. But when they end up in a Bungalow Jungle Lodging in the middle of the Amazon and not at… Read More
Gabrielle goes skinny-dipping on one hot Summer night and ends up at a glowing structure that a wave of water had pushed her towards. Read More
The ongoing shame of masturbation leads a man to sacrifice his new wife. This he hopes will mean the Gods will ease his constant feelings of lust. Read More
Chapters 36-40 Beachfront-Hotel Chapt.36 By: girlish 9/30/2007 Monique asked for water. Rock poured the water into a cup. The sound of the water hitting the bottom of the glass Read More
We all trust a man of the cloth. How blind are we that refuse to see Read More

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