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A man arrives with his girlfriend at a hotel and during the night murder is committed. Some hotel workers who have a porn scam going see the whole thing on hidden cameras. They rush up to help the woman. But will they be too late? And what will they say… Read More
How do you define modern relationships? It can be hard to do today. Should woman give it away for free nowadays still just like in olden times? What about making porn films of your girlfriend? This book is about somebody who has these problems in his life. Or what does… Read More
a mom is about to be Chloroform and sexually assaulted by her Daughter's boyfriend. Read More
Trent has his girlfriend screaming in the trunk of his car. she has to pay for her infidelities. She must pay. Then her ghost exacts revenge on him, for her and their unborn child. Read More

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When his girlfriends gone, her Mum takes care of him Read More
This is another chapter from a work in progress entitled "Muscles, Money, and Sex." Greg and his girlfriend Suzanne spend a day in Central Park. Read More
Ex lovers Evan and Rachel have been pleasing eachother all night. A pleasurable secret is shared between them Read More
A couple tries to cool down on a hot summers day, but it ends up hotter than it started. My first story, based on real events. Hope you enjoy! Read More

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The action starts in the Pigwelts School of Magic and Spellcraft, where Hermione seeks to get a rather inconvenient curse lifted. This is nothing to do with a certain other series of books that were popular some years ago (all the copyrightable names are completely different), so just get that… Read More

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The fun adventures, and some misadventures, of a woman fooling around on her husband while she plans their divorce behind his back. Read More
She's just beyond the doorway, but can she wait? Read More

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(FINISHED) (SEQUEL TO THIN ICE) Sam and Doug's friendship is still going strong, yet the saucy encounter between Sam and Doug's dad is still in the back of both their minds. Against all odds, Sam has actually managed to find a long term boyfriend and Doug is starting to make… Read More
David and John redeem their gifts, and Jake receives the greatest gift of all. Read More
David savors the opportunity to worship Summer, then Summer shines her light on John and Aaron. Read More
Upon returning home from her wild day at the beach, Summer is subjected to a very pleasurable interrogation by the guys. Read More
While the others sleep, Summer treats Aaron to a sexy morning wake-up. Read More
Summer is excited to play host to Jake's friends over the Christmas holidays. Read More
Elizabeth... I mean Liz is trying to survive her annoying older brother, crazy best friends, popular snobs, school ,& worst of all boys oh yeah and Damien Vogel her worst enemy since grade school but this is senior year things may change! Read More
This wont make much sense if you have not read the preceding parts in the series, so I would urge you to read read those first. They are both short and quite sexy, so I think most will enjoy them, An ex girlfriend of Kate turns up at her door… Read More

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A buddy of mine stayed the night at our apartment and overheard my sexy girlfriend and I having hot sex. The next morning, while watching a football game together, she turned up the heat, and we all had a wild time together. Read More
My girlfriend was babysitting and the 2 of us found our 1st expierience together. Read More
It was looking like a peaceful night for Greg. A night of stir-fry and TV while the rain poured outside. That is, until a surprise visitor shows up. Read More
His girlfriend's married best friend sets up a rendezvous. They were prepared to indulge in the flesh but did they not expect it to affect their hearts? See how close the two couples were throughout. Read More
Based on my experience with my first boyfriend. All compleatly true all though some bits have been dramatised for effect Read More

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