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A woman sees her roommate having sex with another woman and wants to join in. Read More

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A woman left alone in her new house gets a visit from the ghost of its former lesbian occupant. Read More
A woman drives herself to a lesbian bar as a result of getting broken up by her boyfriend. Read More

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August 09, 2015

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In the year 2345 the existance of superheroes has become common place. For Sub Zero, a superhero with ice powers his new partner is the strangest thing he'd ever seen. Not only does Absolute Zero embody everything unstable, his ability to wield Sub Zero's power effortlessly is unsettling. But not… Read More
Two clans are in a heated war that's been going on for generations. A young werecougar man believes he knows his stand point and position in the war and in his Pride. Until he meets a conflicted werewolf that changes his outlook on the war and the enemy. Read More

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He was leaning against the bar, light brown shaggy hair, big blue eyes, black V-neck, a dark bottle perched on his bottom lip. I watched the muscles in his throat move up and down swallowing the liquid, a small line eked from the corner of his lips. It traveled, pausing… Read More
The author of this short story tells us what happened when he used a new prototype 3D printer to make a copy of his girlfriend. Read More
During a summer sojourn to the sunny Spanish Mediterranean,nineteen year old Adam finally gets in touch with his long-repressed queer-self.Through a series of steamy encounters with the local passionate Latin men and a trio of beautiful transsexuals, he embraces his true identity. An explicit semi-biographical erotic account of a young… Read More
While trying to figure out why her coworkers are smiling at her, a female stock broker finds a tape in her VCR that features her in such a shocking film. Read More
Amy only used to kiss boys. But then she met Meg... Read More
A libidinous young couple undergo mutual breast expansion. Read More
A man describes what happened when he saw his best friend naked at a party. Read More
Kiba and Naruto are secret lovers after their last story. They have a little tiff to begin with but can't bear to be apart and it isn't long before they fall into each other's arms again. Having woken Kiba up, Naruto prepares his lover for the longest night of his… Read More

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Nickolas Volkov has been Alpha of the Three Rivers Pack for ten years. A confirmed bachelor, to appease the Elders, he agrees to a Mating Contract with a she-wolf of the neighboring pack. The problem? She's not his real mate. He knows it because she's not the one that visits… Read More
The author of this short story describes the scene that he saw in his parents' bedroom. Read More
Warning - Expansion & Gts fetish The music played in this obscure Dutch nightclub will blow your mind, among other things. Read More
We met at a baseball workshop the summer before we entered college. He became my dirty little secret... Until now Read More
Ash can't take it anymore, he can't take the desires he has for his sexy therapist. He got a plan up his sleeve though. Will it work? Or will he get rejected? Also, is there really something wrong with Ash? What if it was just all a big lie? ***There… Read More
Lucas Kiero is the top personal injury attorney of Washington state (litigator) . Lilianne Colt is a mystery and with fame comes sacrifices,danger and unstaggering love. Journey through the mind of a transgendered male and a female In love. Black lilies official trailer! link at we video. :) Read More

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Nyx suddenly becomes a Pirate's possession, and their first encounter ends up with him being raped. The young man is forced to wear a pirate collar and is continuously abused by Agenor, the pirate Captain. Will he be able to adapt to his new life? Read More
Nyx and Agenor continue their journey as they reach land. Between his love for Agenor and the pull of Corail, his home island, Nyx faces more difficulties as he tries to cope with the invisible chains of his new life. [SECOND BOOK. READ 'Pirate Chains I' FIRST] [Warning: Contains adult… Read More
A man wakes up one day and makes a shocking discovery. Read More

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I smiled, almost daydreaming about Ren, he was my deep dark secret. I didn’t even let myself think about him unless I was alone, locked away in my room. On the outside I was totally straight, on the inside I was slightly bi and head over heels for little Ren… Read More

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February 05, 2015

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Luna Crest is an average eighteen-year-old girl with average friends in an average school. But when she meets Falon Hale, the furthest thing from average, she begins to question everything about herself. Can she let go of other's opinions long enough to see the bigger picture? "Why does being happy… Read More

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Gage has been in love with his best friend Jordan for almost half his life, but Jordan isn't gay and to make maters worse he is dating Gage's little sister. Read More
After spending most of his teenage life chasing women, Sam finally figures out, with regret, that he loves men. This is my first gay erotica, I hope it's good! Read More
Alex isn't the kind of person to make friends with. He's a loner, he does whatever he wants whenever he wants and doesn't give a damn if anyone sees. So why then does he keep losing his cool around that new waiter? And why is he so drawn to a… Read More

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