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It was the school year of 1976, I was a senior in high school, I was 18 and ready to leave. But when a guy comes into your life, you least suspect, he over powers you mentally and physically, what do you do next? Read More
Pru's only friend moves over seas, she is her glue, her only means of help. Yumi knowing this reaches out to a friend of hers. He offer's Pru help, but Pru is reluctant and fears he has an ulterior motive. Mobsters, addicts, love triangles, plain old bad luck and a… Read More
Vivian Simone hates the fighting. But when she is kidnapped by the head Soc's son she learns that she is the key to end all of it. But it comes at a price... Read More
Scarlet Evans is popular at her school, she has lots of friends but when rumors arose that she was doing porn she lost all of that. with no friends and no one to talk to, she found refuge in the world of comics. One day she came upon a superhero… Read More
A drug deal in gangland London. What could possibly go wrong? A fragment of a longer piece of writing still in progress. Read More
Two life-long enemies finally begin to set aside their differences and begin exploring each other. Read More

Tags: erotica, sex, love, gay, gangs

Abdul is a young boy with a hard past and mean father and he grows up into doing wrong things and gets sent away. that is all i should tell u for now Read More

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