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Cari learns her place in the world by having to service an entire football team. Read More
His name is know, his face looked for. Cilian works for the mafia, and is one of the boss's top men, but when he finds himself at a tight spot, he doesn't hesitate to turn to his childhood friend. Joe is a good shelter, both emotionally, and physically, however, will… Read More
she's the only living witness to his crime Read More
Exotic dream island destination reveals a secret hidden world of vice and prostitution where young women are lured by the promise of riches beyond their wildest dreams. The victims find themselves entrapped in sex shops and brothels with no escape from the gang masters who entice tourists to pay bar… Read More
Elsie continues to get what her 'father' thinks she deserves until a friendly face finally makes an appearance. Read More

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a young women on her way home gets abducted and brutally gang raped and humiliated... will she ever escape from her tormentors? who knows... Read More
Hannah was his best friend, and the girl of his dreams. During the hottest summer on record, Jason, an attractive young man, finds that she actually "digs" him. As does mysterious Alice, and Sexy Jenny. What a hot summer he has ahead of him! Read More

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Chloe runs into an ex who is still in love with her and who she loves back but with a young son and two jobs, does she have time to take on trouble as big as Shane Montgomery? Read More
Daryl, alone and lonely after the death of his wife and the estrangement of his adult kids, sees his later years as a long tedious continuum of malaise and depression. The day he finds Ileana, naked and helpless, marks a new chapter in his life. He attempts to help her… Read More

Book / Adult Romance

July 20, 2012

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The dull grey sky, the shivering raindrops, the agonizing memories, would the Sun ever return? Would someone lead the warm light rays back to Earth? Since his parents' deaths, Ken Tiagor's life had been full of violence. Revenge is what he wanted. Though, does seeking revenge mean clearing the gloomy… Read More
Spokes a little older now... Demons still an asshole.... Bad day at school.. Read More
A girl gets fucked. Do you need to know more? Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

I am new at writing for others so I hope its not too graphic. I kinda of watch a lot of law and order svu. When a young teenager finds herself kidnapped, bound, and gaged while walking home in Texas she fears the worst. Read on to find out. Read More

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