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After an unfortunate mishap with some stairs, I found myself in a fantasy world filled with sex and violence. Stripped of everything and turned into breeding stock by the first band of goblins I encountered, I turned to the only weapon I had available to me, sex! Now, I’m a… Read More

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Ok I shuffled the cards and then I asked her to deal them. Ok I got a very bad hand and I had to change 4 cards. I bet my trousers she said and I did the same. And she took only two. Well time to call I said and… Read More

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Some women fantasise about their doctor, others their driving instructor. Stephen is my dentist but it's his nurse who's hot. Read More
Sitting at night playing a game, and your girlfriend takes an interest. And so does her chest. Warning: Breast Expansion Fetish Inspiration: Read More

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October 27, 2013

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A favorite poem of mine. A scenario of a woman teasing her man by wearing nothing but panties. She tries to play a game, but in the end surrenders to him. Read More
He wanted to sink his balls into her corner pocket. She just wanted to be a tease with his stick. Read More
The distant memories of a broken heart lead to a dangerous game. Just how powerful can betrayal be? Hot and drama filled erotica that'll blow your mind... Read More
Lilith Morgan was sick of being treated as if she was invisible. Men looked right through her. Then she made the mistake of wishing for a man to notice her. Someone heard, and her life has been a twisted game ever since she let those words slip. Read More
Something that I am working on!If you want more, let me know Read More

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