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October 14, 2014

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

In a futuristic world of guns and explosions, poker and smoke, hit men and organized groups set out to kill each other for control. Among them is Rosemary Robins, a professional hit woman who works for money. When the nation seems to topple down on her, she tag teams alongside… Read More
Book One of the Argadia Rebellion Trilogy. Devon Andromeda, a Nanus-altered Argadian Enforcer of the First Level, is assigned the mission to hunt down and eliminate Eluria Zydon, a rebel leader, who also happens to be the daughter of an Elite Tribunal Commander. Enforcers are altered and trained as assassins… Read More
The most beautiful Seraph ever born, Davariel is nothing but a vain, spoiled brat. Lust and sin cause the Seraph to fall from grace, becoming a terrifying demon, bent on the destruction of all creation. The FALLEN ANGEL searches for the perfect virginal sacrifice to open the gates of Hell.… Read More
"I am the last of my kind. My name is 8389, and I am Clone." Read More
Sergeant Madeleine Hennessey is an expert sharpshooter, proud to have earned the title of Sniper in the Universal Marines. Her life has been a long and hard battle against those who would keep her enslaved for their own twisted desires. Having freed herself from the tortures of her past, her… Read More

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