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Lizzie is one of those girls who doesn't believe in the supernatural. However, her friends talk to her about some weird video that supposedly turned her friend's cousin into a cow. Not falling for their tricks, she decides to find the video and watch it herself to prove to them… Read More
My friend Orlando has a dark secret: He’s one of the country’s last remaining werewolves. I help him hide it as good as I can, but once a month he turns into a beast with a deep craving for sexual pleasure ... Read More

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History Hello! My name is Vixen and well as you can see I am a fox! Well furry-she chuckled-My mother and father both died long ago when I was just a young cub. Apparently mortals, or humans, dislike our kind so I had to fight for myself meaning I had… Read More

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Snow is a rare, albino eevee that has certain feelings for her friend, Spirit the Ralts. One night, Spirit invites Snow to a sleep over, and things get a little frisky. (This is a re-upload of my original book, I just wasn' happy with the way it turned out, so… Read More
After two years of searching for a job and encountering numerous dead-end internships, Klara Argot remained staggeringly unemployed. With a dwindling savings account and a massive debt load, she desperately needed a break. Her prospects appeared bleak until she received a strange offer that promised to save her from ruinous… Read More

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Warning: The subject mater of this story contains explicit sexual content. Please do not read if you are easily offended by such. Cerberus is a wolfen who awakens in a bloody snow covered field with absolutely no memory of how he got there. In his search for answers he quickly… Read More

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