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A woman tells her lover about a sexual experience she had before she knew him. She was nineteen then, working as a waitress in a French restaurant, and it all happened by surprise... Read More
An elderly lady in her fifties finds the fountain of youth, and starts to enjoy her voluptuous new body. Read More
A poetry dedication to one of my favourite French singers.You might have seen her picture appear on my profile page.Slim beautiful and erotic singer who seduces listeners with her pleasurable husky voice and voluptuous sexy figure.Adored by millions her music will be the lasting legacy of a true legendary diva. Read More
Sexy,sassy Solentville Tales is a screenplay set in a south coast English marina village where gossip,sex,affairs,scandal and adventure are never too far away. It features a boatyard,a charming pub and a cast of people which might make you laugh,envy or want to loathe. With different scenes and characters emerging throughout… Read More
Something I wrote about a friend of mine.... Two women trying to keep their activities at a party somewhat secret. Feedback is greatly appreciated. The french spoken translates to: "How many times do you think I could make you gasp like that," she whispered between kisses, "before we are discovered?"… Read More
What can i say, your my teacher, teach me school me. Quiz me. A piece i've written in my up coming book i writing this year. About a person wanting to know all there is about sex. Read More

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December 03, 2008

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Erik Satie orchestrated by Debussy. Read More
Jacques, a hot looking guy from France, finds himself homeless after medical school expenses leave him high and dry. So Jacques decides to do a little creative financing. And of course, he does his utmost to exploit his hot bod in this endeavor. So, of course they're are women, women… Read More

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March 10, 2008

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A poem of love, war, sex, death, and how we should string up the French for running away in World War II. Read More

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